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If you love playing the most amusing puzzle game on your Android phone, then Drain Mansion APK is the most famous game to enjoy leisurely. This is the most preferable game to entertain your free moment. A lot of free games with different characteristics are available on the internet market but you will find the Drain Mansion APK more enjoyable and interesting as compared to another one. Many people like to play puzzle games that’s why this game has global fans.

Drain Mansion APK is a game that provides all the possible ways for players to enjoy and explore new things. A small task in the game keeps players busy and gives pretty entertaining moments. It has unique properties that increase the popularity of the game.

What is Drain Mansion APK?

Drain Mansion APK is a most interesting puzzle game for Android with unique features. This game is designed especially for puzzle game lovers. Drain Mansion APK is a story-based game where players must play an important role to complete the game task. There is a boy who wakes up in a dark mansion and he loses the way to go away from the mansion. A dangerous enemy attracts the boy to destroy, but the boy has to solve the puzzle by confronting the enemies. The boy can use the weapons and other battle equipment to fight against the enemies and safely reach their destination.

A player has great responsibilities to help the boy and solve the puzzle in time. It’s not easy to safe the boy from dangerous enemies and solve the puzzle, players have to work hard and smartly take the boy from the dark mansion. The obstacles hardly make your journey more difficult, but you can utilize weapons and different resources for self-defense and make your way easier.

In addition, Drain Mansion APK provides different challenging levels and small tasks to complete smartly. It is the player’s responsibility to take the boy with him in the right direction along with solving puzzles. The boy has lost his memory as well and he doesn’t know where he has to go. The game player has to accompanied with him by passing levels one by one. You must avoid the enemies and immediately escape the boy from the dark mansion. You can also try the famous game Succubus Stronghold APK for free with unique features.


What are the key features of Drain Mansion APK?

We have provided the most useful features of Drain Mansion APK below. You must read the provided features to know well about the game.

Unique Puzzles to Solve

It depends upon the player’s mind and smart strategies on how he escapes the boy from the dark and solves the puzzle smartly. The game puzzles are more challenging and unique where you have to use your full mind and smart tricks to solve the puzzles.

High-Quality Graphics

The game has been designed with high-quality graphics and precious visuals. The dynamic display wins player’s hearts and boosts their energy to further engage in the game.

Unique Gameplay Method

You will find a new and unique gameplay style in this game. It has incredible gameplay methods which is why many people like to play this game.

No Need for Registration

Players don’t need to create an account or register to access the game features, just open the game app and start playing the game having lots of fun.

Free From Irritating Ads

Feel free the game without any interruption, because it’s free from all annoying ads. The game is designed to entertain the users well and no interruption ads are involved in the game field.


More Details

  • Free to download and install
  • Small in weight to storage
  • Smart and user-friendly interface
  • Safe and secure to use on your phone
  • Compatible and supports all Android phone

Final Words

To sum up, I prefer all Android users choose Drain Mansion APK to enjoy leisure. Because it can provide all the possibilities of full enjoyment of their Precious moments. Players can enhance their problem-solving abilities and increase their intelligence skills by playing this game. If you solve the problems and hurdles at each level of the game, your strategic skills will increase.

Finally, Drain Mansion APK is the perfect game to enjoy your free time, If you want to play a puzzle game then download the most amusing game and embark on your gaming journey.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best puzzle game for Android?

Drain Mansion APK is the most preferable puzzle game to enjoy your free time. This game has global fans who give good feedback on its playing method and incredible features.

How to download Drain Mansion APK on Android?

We have provided the safe download link at the top of this page, You can free download the original APK file of this game and can easily install it on your Android phone.

Is it free to download?

Yes, the game is 100% free to download and install. You can enjoy its latest and free features.

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