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SmartTube Next Beta or STN Beta APK is open-source software to access YouTube videos on various devices. As you know, YouTube is the biggest and most popular video hosting platform globally and has more than billions of global users. Indeed, it has the second-largest search engine after Google. However, various third-party applications mimic YouTube service in which the best service provides SmartTube Next Beta APK or STN Beta APK.

However, the developer synchronized SmartTube Next Beta APK with YouTube to provide a more convenient and accessible service. The design of this app aims to the enjoyment of users easily without any interruption.

What is SmartTube Next Beta APK?

SmartTube Next Beta APK is an open-source application developed to conveniently use YouTube’s service. It allows to use of YouTube on different streaming devices including Smart TVs, Android Boxes, Fire TV, and many more devices. It is an advanced and free resource to easily access your subscriptions as playlists, videos, and other content that you want to watch. SmartTube Next Beta APK is the alternate way to watch your favorite videos, or other your desired content without any restrictions.

Furthermore, STN Beta APK has well-categorized content and easily provides users with desired results without any issues. You find content random on the YouTube homepage, but this app categorizes all content into sections like TV shows, Entertaining videos, Cartoon videos, Comedy, Movies, and other recently uploaded videos. It has a better option to watch all YouTube services including live streaming, or other videos with an attractive interface.

SmartTube Next Beta APK is more accessible in all aspects and you can enjoy everything. This will let you enjoy the quality music and live performances of your favorite artists. Moreover, the great feature of this app is breaking new service, which provides regularly updated news across the world every time. You can keep yourself well aware of the occurrences around the world.

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What are the key features of SmartTube Next Beta APK?

STN Beta APK has been designed to provide an alternate way to watch your favorite videos. Various salient features are added to this app to provide a more convenient service. We have provided its key features below.

Categorized Content

SmartTube Next provides well-categorized videos on its home page for users’ convenience. It’s easy to find whatever you want to watch, choose the category, and access the video without any issues.

Free from Annoying Ads

On YouTube, you need to get a premium subscription to remove ads but don’t worry you can watch your desired videos without irritating ads. STN Beta APK is free from all types of annoying ads and is very responsive to use.

Multi-Language Option

SmartTube Next Beta has the best option of multi-language for the user’s convenience. This app is designed considering global users. It supports various languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, and many others. Users can choose their language to easily understand everything.

New Updates

This is the significant feature of this app, where you can be aware of the happening across the world. It provides the global news regularly.

Background Playback Option

The background Playback option gives more convenient service to users. You can minimize while watching your favorite videos or listen to music and playback it easily. It’s the best option to switch apps and give answers to the text while watching your favorite content.

YT Music In High Quality

STN Beta APK provides all kinds of high-quality YT music to enjoy your leisure. Users can easily access their favorite music tracks or live performances of their favorite artists. Enjoy high-quality music from your favorite playlist using this app.

High-Quality Videos

All the integrated video content in the SmartTube Next app is high quality and has perfect resolution. It supports various formats including 4K, full HD, Mp4, Mp3, and others. You can watch your desired videos in any format that you want.

User-Friendly Interface

The app has an incredible and user-friendly interface which is easier to navigate. Everything is well organized to the user’s convenience. You can easily find whatever you want to watch without facing any issues.


Other Details

  • Easy to use and free to download
  • Very fast loading speed and user-friendly
  • High-quality graphics
  • Small in size to install and storage
  • Supports all Android 5+ Android OS

How to use SmartTube Next Beta APK on Android?

  • First, you need to download the app on your phone
  • Go to your phone setting>> Unknown Source>> Enable
  • After that, install it on your phone as usual
  • Now launch the app and access the interface
  • Tap on to login button and create an account with your correct details
  • You can also use the app without creating an account, but an account needs to fully access the app’s features
  • After creating an account, log in with your new account and access the dashboard
  • Now you can watch anything, that is categorized to easily find


SmartTube Next Beta APK is one of the best open sources to watch your favorite videos in any format without any restrictions. If you are familiar with YouTube, then you will find something different on this platform. It has great and more convenient service as compared to other third-party service providers. You will watch unique and high-quality content using this app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smart tube next beta?

SmartTube Next Beta APK or STN Beta APK is the perfect third-party app to provide YouTube service easily and more conveniently. You can watch your desired content in high quality.

Is it free to download and use?

Yes, STN Beta APK is 100% free to download and install. You can use its service and all the best features without any cost.

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