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Tips about How To Use CapCut App on Android

Capcut APK is an Android application for creating and customizing videos for sharing on various social sites including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook or other sites. This is a well-known software for Android users that offers various templates to create more attractive and high-quality videos. This app can make perfect videos with high results. All TikTok users use the CapCut App to make good reels and get good results from their followers.

CapCut App offers various features to make a high-quality video including editing videos, customizing new templates, adding wonderful poetry, add effects and filters. You can make different projects and provide high-quality content to your followers. This tool is most preferred by Tiktokers which can easily integrate the latest Capcut templates with your recorded videos. You can add different features to enhance your video quality. Read the article carefully to learn how to Use the CapCut App on an Android phone.

First, you need to download this original APK on your phone.


How to install the CapCut App on Android?

  • Download the original APK file from any authentic site
  • Go to your mobile setting and enable the “Unknown Source”
  • Find your download folder on your phone storage
  • Tap the file to install and wait a few second
  • Now you have done the installation process
  • Launch the app on your phone

How to Use the CapCut App on Android?

  • After successfully installation, open the app on your phone
  • Tap on Create New Project to start your editing
  • Click the Add Media Files and select the video which you want to edit
  • Now select the tools including effects, filters, or other resources to add to your video
  • After successfully editing the video, tap to share or export the video
  • Now you can share or download the video on your phone

What are the salient features of the CapCut App?

This tool has various stunning features to enhance your videos. Read the captivating features to get information.


A huge number of Template collections are available to mix on your videos. These templates will enhance your video quality and give a wonderful visual. You can access various templates including poetry templates, action, comedy, and others.

Filters and Effects

There are unlimited filters and effects to add to your video and make your videos more attractive. The filter and effects make your content high quality and more beautiful.

Background Music

As you know, how much effect music on your content and attract more people to your videos? It offers a variety of background music to add to your videos and make them more attractive.


Transitions are a high-quality feature of this app, which impacts your content and makes your video super quality. It flows your video smoothly and unique style.

Video Trimming

These is wonderful characteristics to take a good part of your whole video. You can trim your desired video part and make it more stunning.

Adjust video speed

It lets you adjust your video speed like fast moving or slow motion. You can make your video a different style means adding fast motion at the start of the video and slow motion at the end of the video. It’s up to you which type you want to be.


How to add Overlays on CapCat?

  • Launch your app dashboard
  • Tap the import video and select your desired video to edit
  • Select the video, go to the menu, and click on the OveryLay
  • Select the picture or video to overlay
  • Customize it and adjust both
  • Chose music and tap on it to save the video

How to Add Text on the CupCat App?

  • Tap on Create New Project, select the video or image
  • Go to the toolbar and click on the text Icon
  • Adjust the size of the text and type which you want to write
  • You can drag it to change the position of the text or adjust its size
  • Now select the fonts, color, and save the video

Note: To transparent the text, go to the style menu, and drag the opacity slider to change the transparency of text on the video or image.

How to export the video from the CupCat App?

When you complete the video editing, go to the menu bar at the top right and click on the export video. You can export your video in various formats as MP3, MP4, Full HD, or HDR. You can easily export the video and upload it on another social platform including TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube.


Overall, the CapCut App is the best video editor tool for Tiktok users or real makers to make unlimited and high-quality videos and export them with an easy method. The app is very simple to use and has outstanding features to enhance your video quality. To make the best quality videos and get unlimited likes on your content, the Capcut app is preferable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best app for video editing?

CapCut App is one of the best apps to make unlimited wonderful videos. It provides all the possible and good resources to make stunning videos.

Is the CapCut app free to use?

Yes, this app is free to use and very easy. You just need to follow the above-provided steps to make outstanding videos.

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