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IwantU APK Review

IwantU APK is an Android social app to interact with other people via an online chatroom. This app is the latest developed with new features like TikTok 18 +. It’s a social platform where people create a short video of their best moments and share it with their followers. IwantU APK is a good platform for creating more followers and fans. You can make your girlfriend and start dating her. This romantic social platform lets you chat in an online chatroom with your partner.
IwantU APK allows you to interact with special personalities and enjoy romantic scenes with them. Many people like to spend their leisure time on social media nowadays. Because this platform provides a refreshment after doing a lot of work. You can make friends online and share your best moments with them via this.
Furthermore, IwantU APK lets you create short clips for entertainment and create more followers. If you create more followers, you will have a chance to generate online income through this app. Many people earn online through social media accounts by creating more followers. This app is also the best way to generate online income through different techniques. Create your stunning profile and make a good short video of your memorable moments. Once you start getting followers, you will find your partner and can start dating her.
In addition, IwantU APK is a great social media platform with fresh and stunning features compared to others. You feel a different view of this app which has an easy interface with a free chatroom. There is no restriction to use any feature of this app that you can create, post, watch, and share any legal video with your followers. The content you share with your friends and followers should be moral. So that your profile should be attractive and professional and you will attract more fans of yours. Try Tiktok 18 Plus with the same features.

What are the key features of IwantU APK?

It has incredible and attractive features that provide a convenient service to users. Users from all around the world to like join this platform due to its wonderful service.

Free of advertisement

Many people are irritated with an advertisement while using the app. Here you are free from any advertisement and you can watch your favorite videos without any interruption. If you are free from irritating advertisements, you will be more interested in sharing your content and concentrating on your work.

Free of illegal content

Many people dislike watching immoral and illegal videos because that is the reason for anxieties and other fatigue. So this app is free of immoral activities and provides only fresh content to users. You may like its good service and its unlimited good features.

User-friendly Interface

The interface is user-friendly and good-looking. All users admire its quite simple interface. The friendly interface gives a good response that all new users can easily access all the options.

No Registration and Subscription

There is no requirement for any registration or subscriptions to use the app. You only need to create your profile and you can share your content without any subscription charges. It provides an unlimited space for your content you can share your videos feel free.

Online Free Chatroom

This is the best feature of this app which provides an online free chatroom for users. You can create a chatroom with your partner or girlfriends with a romantic theme. Enjoy by creating excitement and a romantic environment that increases your interest in creating more engaging content.

HD Resolution

The resolution is more important to watch online videos that may affect your eyesight if it is poor. But this app has a full HD resolution that you will never complain of its result. All people like this app because its video resolution has a good and eye-catching result.


IwantU APK is an online social media platform where thousands of thousand people joined it. It’s a great way to create more followers and popularity by sharing good content daily. You can make friends, fans, followers, and girlfriends from around the world using this app. In a nutshell, this app provides the best service as compared to other social media platforms.
If you are interested in boosting your popularity and followers, download and install it on your mobile phone. The APK file of this app is free and available on our site. Tap the download link and get the app without any charges.

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